dialogue 5:7

work to be displayed soon...

$100 for each print, installation piece with final work exhibited, digital photography and oil painting, 2007

dialogue 4:3

The ambiguity is the connection.

$800, 24"x36", oil on canvas, 2007
SOLD (1 of 2), $300 each, 9.75"x20", oil on canvas, 2007

dialogue 3:1

SOLD, $500, oil on canvas, 2006


dialogue 2:6

SOLD, $75 each (bottom two left and middle right), oil on canvas, 2005

dialogue 1:2

pronounced di-a-log one(part of series) of two(number of pieces); This was the first work I exhibited to my community. I was asked to submit two paintings from a course I was a participant. It was the first time I sold works and wanted to price them inexpensively so that anyone from any social class could be an art buyer/collector. I sold both paintings for $30, one to a 18 year old college student and one to a retired professor between 60-70 years old. I sold the works with the stipulation that the young man meet with the older woman for dinner and conversation. The young man emailed me later to update me on what transpired. It turned out that after meeting and having a lovely dinner, the retired professor asked her husband, a business owner, to give this young college student a summer internship. He agreed.